Flexible Gas Purchasing

Just like the electricity market place , gas is a trading commodity and like all commodities prices levels can – and regularly do – experience a high degree of volatility. Supply & Demand levels have a strong bearing on the level of pricing volatility but equally so does market speculation and trading behaviour alongside global events / risks to supply lines.

This environment has led suppliers to evolve their purchasing solutions from simple fixed purchasing supply contracts to more complex – flexible- mechanisms. In return, it is clear larger gas users have shown a strong appetite for exploring the adoption of these mechanisms.

So, whether you are a client who has historically purchased Fixed or are a seasoned veteran of Flexible Purchasing, Informed is very well placed to support your on-going Flexible Purchasing requirements.

In summary, the benefits of Flexible Purchasing are:

  • Multiple buying decisions – manage procurement risks and opportunities more effectively
  • Full client involvement – can still make the final purchasing decisions or empower Informed to do so within pre-agreed parameters

Informed adds significant value to the purchasing process by:

  • Determining our clients purchasing objectives including any budgetary or timing constraints. Specifically agree any “caps” & “collars” for the duration of the framework period
  • Identifying the most appropriate suppliers “Flexible Framework Agreement ” in order to thereafter manage the on-going management process – whilst all suppliers Flexible agreements are broadly similar they operate with different qualifying threshholds and pricing mechanisms
  • Agreeing monthly, quarterly or seasonal purchasing periods, both in and out of sequence
  • Support in interpreting market conditions - and the likely benefit of either moving to “lock- out” or continuing to closely watch market conditions for each respect trading period
  • Overall management of trades concluded, those outstanding and the current budget projection – versus target – for each purchasing period
  • Regular commentary and the free provision of a Bi Monthly Independent Market Report
  • Expert ongoing support - from both a named Account Manager and a named Energy Analyst dedicated to each client account

Informed recognise each of our clients are unique business’s with individual requirements. For this reason, we agree with all of our clients a tailored Service Level Agreement so our commitment to delivering an appropriate suite of services is fully transparent to both parties.