Invoice Management

Our experience provides continuing evidence that suppliers regularly overcharge their clients. We continue to identify and correct an ever-increasing number of different billing error types.

Energy invoices have always involved a high degree of complication, and much of this complexity is born out of a requirement for the energy supplier to collect other charges on behalf of third party entities e.g. “pass through” charges, Duos, Tuos, CCL etc.

Informed have a deep understanding of market structures and of how these underlying costs can be separately identified and validated. This understanding is based on years of exposure to changing market structures, and we have supported many high energy value corporate clients in minimizing all aspects of their billing over this period.

Unlike other companies who look solely for “quick wins”, Informed support is designed to operate for the life of our client relationship – meaning that you get the same quick wins, and more, but also gain the on-going assurance that the same robust validation is continually applied thereafter to all future bills.

Informed’s service encompasses:

  • Data Management: we maintain an up to date and comprehensive central record of energy related supplies, including all key data such as MPANs, MPRs etc.
  • Historical Auditing Service: we can review charges over the past 6 years for billing errors with a view to recovering credits and/or opportunities to reduce costs going forward outside the main energy supply contract management.
  • Ongoing Invoice Validation: we ensure that you pay only the invoices relating to your estate and those raised strictly in accordance with your latest supply contracts. This service can operate on a “Live” or “Pay & Recover” basis.
  • Supplier Liaison: all billing overcharges and queries are logged and progressed directly to resolution by our dedicated Account Managers and/or Energy Analysts.
  • Regular Reporting: so you know that your costs are being monitored. You can see errors that have already been fixed and additional corrections pending, and the respective financial values of the refunds or savings involved.

In addition, Informed offer a number of “Added Value” services, including:

  • Cost & Consumption Reports, provided on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
  • Budget Reports for forward periods, with projections of suitable cost increases/decreases for periods beyond current contracted supply periods.
  • Accrual Reports, to assist with year-end reporting.

Informed recognizes that our clients are unique businesses with individual requirements. For this reason, we agree a tailored Service Level Agreement with all of our clients so that our commitment to delivering an appropriate suite of services is fully transparent to both parties.