Telecoms Audit

Your Fixed / Mobile / WAN invoicing will contain thousands of different charges each month, based on a very complex set of billing routines. How do you make sure the provider gets it right?

We have an unrivalled skill set in this area – covering all suppliers and covering all 3 core spend categories: Fixed Line, Mobile and WAN. Most of our clients are UK based large businesses, and some of these engagements also include European spend. In most cases we’re engaged on a “gain-share” basis where we take 100% of the risk, covering our costs through a portion of the financial benefit our clients receive. No benefit for you = no revenue for us! We’re paid by our clients, not through supplier commissions - we’re totally impartial and independent. Also, we provide supplementary resource to collect & collate all the billing and contract information we need – this is a very light touch engagement from your perspective.

We’ll Audit your entire telecoms cost base with the sole purpose of identifying billing errors and saving opportunities. We can review your invoices for errors for a period covering the present day up to the past 6 years.

When we fix billing errors, a mixture of three core benefits will follow:

  1. Refunds: an error started and ended at given points in the past and you no longer incur those same charges today. The supplier is [proven to be] at fault, and they refund you the overpayment to correct the mistake.
  2. Refunds and Savings: as above, but the error persists today because you still use that service and it is still being charged for incorrectly. When the error is corrected you receive the refund but you will also benefit from a reduction in your ongoing costs.
  3. Savings: the supplier isn’t proven to be at fault or has no liability for reimbursing you the historical overcharge, or there simply isn’t an historical element to the error. The charges are, however, corrected for that particular item and therefore your costs will reduce going forwards.

Want to know the best bit? Under the “gain-share” arrangement, if the audit doesn’t result in a financial benefit to you, you don’t pay us a penny. No small print. No benefit = no charge. Contact us today to find out how much we could deliver to your business, risk-free.

Fixed Lines
Many companies think of “Fixed Line” costs as being purely call charges and line rental. There are often many more complex areas of expense within a Fixed Line invoice – maintenance, Private Circuits, broadband, inbound services, and so on. All of these areas can be a minefield when it comes to ensuring the charges you pay are correct. We have the expertise to understand the fundamentals behind these charges and we possess a significant wealth of data to help validate the accuracy of the charges in ALL areas of your spend. We will identify & correct errors, and minimise your expenditure going forwards

Your mobile costs are probably the most prone to overcharging and to “bill shock” through end user misuse. Lots of businesses adopt an approach along the lines of, “We went through a tender ‘x’ years ago, chose the cheapest supplier with the best coverage, and we are locked in for another ‘x’ years – what can an audit do for me?’ You may well have chosen “the cheapest” or best-value bid in terms of the supplier whose headline rates appeared to be lower than those offered by other bidders BUT how do you know with any degree of certainty that this is actually what you’re being charged today?

We have a wealth of experience with finding & fixing billing errors, and identifying & implementing savings opportunities within mobile charging. We have also run many RFP’s / Tenders for our clients in this area, which we can offer as a component of the Audit or of our Managed Service.

Wide Area Network (WAN)
When asked about controlling WAN costs, most businesses will react by saying that it is “very simple – we pay a fixed charge per site and it’s the same every month”. The fixed or recurring charges are not the only item which will appear on your WAN invoices. What about adds, moves & changes? Site openings/closures? Maintenance charges, engineer visits, service outage credits, QoS/CoS charges, differing bandwidths? How do you make sure this is all charged correctly and in line with the contract you negotiated? We have the specialist experience to help navigate the costs and pinpoint errors.

Our Clients
Some clients will spend hundreds of thousands a year; some will spend millions, maybe tens of millions each year on their telecoms arrangements. Our reviews go much deeper than any organisation could realistically be expected to go themselves, thanks to our extensive expertise in this field.

We deliver refunds and savings in most cases without the need for changing suppliers, technology or contractual arrangements. We provide 100% of the resource – our clients sit back and enjoy the results!

If you wish to join the many other businesses in your sector that are enjoying more profits and a streamlined Telecoms estate as a result of working with us, then get in touch and let’s make a start.