Telecoms Expense Management

Our clients enjoy an unrivalled solution for their continuing need to avoid overcharges and maximise negotiated savings. We have utilised our extensive Telecoms Audit expertise to create a Managed Service which gives our clients several key benefits including but not limited to:

  1. Peace of mind that all telecoms billing is thoroughly checked for errors by experts and that any errors identified will be proactively addressed with the supplier/s concerned.
  2. Ongoing savings / cost avoidance through proactive identification and elimination of billing errors.
  3. Secure web-based platform, giving full visibility of spend across all suppliers.
  4. Several layers of detail from high level spend information right down to individual call details (including homeworker broadband, end user personal spend on mobiles, etc etc).
  5. Optional Outsourced Helpdesk solution – giving full lifecycle management.

This is known as Telecoms Expense Management, or ‘TEM’.

How does it work?
We will arrange for an electronic data feed of invoice information with your various suppliers. This information is then validated by our team of experts (not simply by a piece software but by our in-house, highly skilled personnel utilising their Audit expertise and proficiency with multiple suppliers billing platforms & formats).

We proactively address and correct any errors with the suppliers concerned and we produce Management Information Reports which can be accessed from the web portal. All your Fixed, Mobile & WAN summary spend information and billing itemisation is then displayed via the web portal, and can be accessed via a predetermined hierarchy i.e. Administrator, Cost Centre Manager, End User, etc. The solution can also allow Personal spend declarations to be made by end-users, possibly giving rise to even further savings.

We can also bolt-on a dedicated Helpdesk who will handle all calls & correspondence relating to adds, moves & changes and then conduct full lifecycle validation of the accrued charges – seamlessly integrating with the clients own Helpdesk and end users and eliminating unnecessary costs overnight.

Ongoing Management
We will liaise with the main budget holders, stakeholders and/or the accounts payable team to ensure the continued visibility of all events. The billing data is then processed by our advanced IT systems before being displayed on the secure web portal for you to view and review, export and analyse.

With the optional Helpdesk function, we will liaise directly with your Telecoms / IT Teams, your end users and your Suppliers in order to accelerate the pace at which adds, moves & changes are processed.

Tender & RFP - making life easy...
When it comes to reviewing your Telecoms arrangements and taking them to tender/RFP, all information is held in one place and easily usable for this purpose. We can support your Tender/RFP requirements in all areas as part of a wider Managed Service.

What next?
We can be up & running with a TEM solution within 1 to 2 months, and you can be enjoying cost savings and operational efficiencies immediately. Talk to us about your requirements for a TEM solution today.

Contact us to discuss your exact requirements in these areas, and ask us to provide a bespoke solution which exactly matches your requirements.